Admissions Process

we strive to provide quality education and a nurturing environment for all our students. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that parents and guardians have access to comprehensive information regarding our fee structure. Below, you will find the details of our school fees for each grade level.

Payment Methods: We accept the following payment methods for school fees:

  • Online payment through our secure portal
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payments at the school's finance office during specified hour

  • Important Note: All fee payments should be made by the specified due dates mentioned in the academic calendar. Late payments may incur additional charges. For a comprehensive overview of the School Fees Fact Sheet, please download the PDF document. If you have any further queries regarding the fee structure, please feel free to contact our administration office. Remember to customize the fee structure and details based on your school's specific fee policies and requirements.

    Fees Per Year

    Grade\Year Annual Fee View Fact Sheet
    KG 1 AED 14,812
    KG 2 AED 14,812
    GRADE 1 AED 15,738
    GRADE 2 AED 15,738
    GRADE 3 AED 15,738
    GRADE 4 AED 16,659
    GRADE 5 AED 16,659
    GRADE 6 AED 16,659
    GRADE 7 AED 17,590
    GRADE 8 AED 18,518
    GRADE 9 AED 22,223
    GRADE 10 AED 22,223
    GRADE 11 AED 24,076
    GRADE 12 AED 27,778